Coming Soon: Count Bass D

Count Bass D has a new album coming out called L7. It’s hitting stores via Sound Tribe Sector 9’s digital-only imprint 1320 Records. No word on whether L7 will get a physical release. There’s no scheduled release date yet, but expect it to drop in the next few weeks.

Here’s the tentative track listing. According to his publicist, a song or two may be added to the final version.

  • 1. “Make It Flow” (feat. Ache)
  • 2. “Gio Any (I Cold Just Came In)”
  • 3. “Back Pay (Parts 1 & 2)”
  • 4. “Can We Hang Out Tonight”
  • 5. “Neon Soul”
  • 6. “I Need Your Love”
  • 7. “I Love You”
  • 8. “You Got It”
  • 9. “Personal Things”
  • 10. “What I Do”
  • 11. “Y.B.A. Square”
  • 12. “(Don’t) Run Out On Me”

MP3: Can We Hang Out Tonight

MP3: Neon Soul

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