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Cunninlynguists are touring the Eastern United States (as well as a Canadian date) next month. No new album, just more shows. The Kentucky trio is still booking the tour, so check back for updates.

By the way, producer Kno just posted an “open letter” dissing the fuck out of MF Doom. I don’t agree with everything Kno says, but after watching Doom gaffle fools for several years (yes, he was doing it way before his ongoing “Doombot” tour) I have to acknowledge that he makes some good points. Here’s a long excerpt — you can read the entire thing at the group’s MySpace page:

It came to my attention in late 2007 that you pulled a series of no-shows and Super Dave-esque stunt double lip-syncing fiascos in Pomona, San Diego, San Francisco, Rock The Bells in San Bernardino and then in Atlanta.  The latter saw the crowd throwing beer at your body double, who subsequently exited the stage only to steal all the merch money and door receipts, insuring no one would be granted a refund for your clone’s piss-poor Milli Vanilli routine.  Classy.

The whole thing was shrug-inducing because I’m not a huge fan of your body of work, so pardon my inability to completely connect with the disdain of someone paying $25 dollars to see a slightly rotund, middle aged man in a dirty Gladiator mask stand around onstage and talk into a microphone only to be duped into watching a presumably younger, slightly-less rotund man in a dirty Gladiator mask stand around onstage and pretend to talk into a microphone.  As the old folks say, “buyer beware”.

It was shrug-inducing, that is, until someone passed me a link to a discussion in which a talent buyer for a well-known Cali venue clearly states;

“…needless to say, hiphop will not be taking place at the venue again (we will still book alternative artists like sage, atmosphere, subtle, all through legit agencies that we regularly do business with).”

Ok, now wait a minute.

You pissing on your most dedicated fans by cheating them out of their hard-earned cash, while being completely foul, was ultimately no business of mine.  At worst it might create a small conundrum for Doom fans torn between investing money in your possibly fraudulent live show or using that loot to re-up on another sack of Northern Lights kush.  Not a tough call, I’d assume.

But on the flipside, seeing talent buyers publically saying they’ll only book “alternative artists” like Sage and Atmosphere (Holy awkward racial undertones, Batman) in the future because of your method of handling business?  Now I have an issue.

See, people don’t buy much music anymore.  Touring is what allows artists who aren’t supervillainous children of Latverian gypsies bent on world domination to meet our fans, fuel our art and put money into our projects and pockets.  As part of an “indie” act that operates in the same ever-narrowing circles as you, I can definitely say the ability to book proper gigs with reputable promoters and venue operators is becoming more and more scarce by the month, especially with the poor reputation live hip-hop has for professionalism and punctuality as well as the economic woes of many venues and agencies.  The recession is a sumbitch.

So, if any artist pisses off these promoters, fans or venue owners then ultimately they are fucking with my money.

  • 10/08: Inferno, Madison, WI
  • 10/09: The Abbey, Chicago, IL
  • 10/10: Club 200 East, Milwaukee, WI
  • 10/11: Oberlin College, Cleveland, OH
  • 10/12: Gordon Best Theater, Peterborough, ON
  • 10/14: Babylon Nightclub, Ottawa, ON
  • 10/15: Harper’s Ferry, Boston, MA
  • 10/16: Knitting Factory, New York, NY
  • 10/18: McDaniel College, Westminster, MD
  • 10/19: Carpool, Herndon, VA
  • 10/20: The Brewery, Raleigh, NC
  • 10/21: The Jinx, Savannah, GA
  • 10/22: PS14, Miami, FL
  • 10/24: Lenny’s, Atlanta, GA
  • 10/31: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  • 11/01: Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

10/08-10/24: w/Substantial
10/08-10/18, 10/31-11/01: w/PackFM

Photo by Jens Nordstrom.

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