Exile’s “Radio”

Veteran Los Angeles producer Exile will issue his second solo album, Radio, on January 20 via Plug Research. It comes after the massive online buzz for his 2007 collaboration with Blu, Below the Heavens, as well as his somewhat-slept-on 2006 debut, Dirty Science.

“Good and evil are present on the radio,” says Exile in a press release. “With this record I express love in contrast to evil. I did not want to put an album out showing only my talent. … I needed to share with the listener what i have learned from my life. In this case, the radio.”

Unlike Dirty Science, Radio is an all-instrumental affair. The track listing is below.

  • 1. “Frequency Modulation”
  • 2. “Population Control”
  • 3. “We’re All In Power”
  • 4. “Watch Out! False Prophet”
  • 5. “The Machine”
  • 6. “It’s Coming Down”
  • 7. “So We Can Move”
  • 8. “The Sound Is God”
  • 9. “Your Summer Song”
  • 10. “Mega Mix”
  • 11. “In Tune Static”
  • 12. “San Pedro Cactus”
  • 13. “Love Line”
  • 14. “Stay Tuned (here)”
  • 15. “In Love”

Download: In Love

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