Dälek introduces “Gutter Tactics”

Brick City, New Jeru duo Dälek returns with Gutter Tactics on January 27 via Ipecac Recordings. One of the heaviest hip-hop groups ever, and one of the few to consistently fuse extreme metal textures with hip-hop beats and radical politics (as opposed to Public Enemy’s classic one-off tracks like “She Watches Channel Zero”), Dälek has enjoyed a large cult audience for much of the past decade.

“I don’t make records for shock value,” says MC Dälek in a press release. “This is a collection of who I am at this point and what I see around me, so it’s a dark album, full of anger, maybe some fear, and also hope. It’s the state of the world where I, where we are at right now.”

“Our debut EP Negro Necro Nekros and From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots were about us starting out, sometimes getting sounds more than songs,” says Oktopus. “Absence was the book on how extreme you could go. Abandoned Language had more ambient moments and was the end of that chapter of writing it all either heavy or mellow. Gutter Tactics is more about us continually doing some early hip-hop sh*t but with the attitude of the Melvins or Black Sabbath.”

  • 1. “Blessed Are They Who Bash Your Children’s Heads Against A Rock”
  • 2. “No Question”
  • 3. “Armed With Krylon”
  • 4. “Who Medgar Evers Was…”
  • 5. “Street Diction”
  • 6. “A Collection Of Miserable”
  • 7. “Thoughts Laced With Wit Los Moacheteros/Spear Of A Nation”
  • 8. “We Lost Sight”
  • 9. “Gutter Tactics”
  • 10. “2012 (The Pillage)”
  • 11. “Atypical Stereotype”
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