DJ Signify builds “Of Cities”

On January 13, DJ Signify will drop a new album, Of Cities, on Bully Records. A veteran of Mr. Dibbs’ 1200 Hobos crew, Signify brings Aesop Rock to the party this time.

As usual, a lovely press release snippet:

Signify’s latest release, “Of Cities”, is his most evolved and realised record to date. Although he stays true to his hip hop core, there are a multitude of palatable influences ranging from Krautrock to Glitch to early 90’s Hip hop to New Wave. Once again, he effortlessly nestles his drum-heavy signature style into new musical territory. Factor in two lead contributions by Aesop Rock and this album is sure to please fans of beats and beyond.

  • 1. “The Sickness”
  • 2. “Low Tide” (feat. Aesop Rock)
  • 3. “Interlude #1”
  • 4. “Costume Kids”
  • 5. “Delight to the Sadist” (feat. Matt Kelly)
  • 6. “Interlude #2”
  • 7. “Vanessa”
  • 8. “Interlude #3”
  • 9. “1993”
  • 10. “Interlude #4”
  • 11. “Sink or Swim” (feat. Aesop Rock)
  • 12. “The Gods Get Dirty”
  • 13. “Interlude #5”
  • 14. “Bollywood Babies”
  • 15. “Interlude #6”
  • 16. “Hold Me Don’t Touch”

Download: Low Tide

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