Exile introduces Blame One’s “Days Chasing Days”


Over the years, Los Angeles producer Exile has helped introduce several rappers to a national audience, from Aloe Blacc (with whom he shares the group Emanon) to hotly-tipped MC Blu. Now, just two months after the release of his second album Radio, he’ll assist San Diego’s Blame One. While a new name for most, Blame One (pictured above, right) has been around the indie scene for a minute, notably appearing on Exile’s 2006 solo debut Dirty Science.

Set for release on March 31 via Soulspazm Records, Blame One’s Days Chasing Days doesn’t stick to Exile beats. Instead, it incorporates tracks from Kan Kick, Black Milk, Oh No and Blu. Guest spots come courtesy of Aloe Blacc, Sean Price and others.

  • 1. “Supreme Beings”
  • 2. “Perseverance”
  • 3. “Street Astrologist”
  • 4. “Bring To You”
  • 5. “Wonder Why” (feat. Blu & Exile)
  • 6. “Disturbed” (feat. Sean Price)
  • 7. “Days Chasing Days” (feat. Aloe Blacc & Beleaf)
  • 8. “Saturday Night Special”
  • 9. “The Word To Say”
  • 10. “Official With It”
  • 11. “The Real Revolution”
  • 12. “Words”
  • 13. “More Fiyah” (feat. Johaz & Cross)
  • 14. “Blame Me”
  • 15. “Documentarian”

Download: Blame One, “Disturbed”

Photo by Orchid One Photography.

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