“Planet B-Boy” and “Inside the Circle” premiere on MTV


Starting Sunday, January 11, MTV will show two critically acclaimed films on B-boy culture.

The first, Planet B-Boy, will air at 9 a.m. EST/PST (8 a.m. CST). Inside the Circle: A B-Boy Chronicle, will air at 11 a.m. EST/PST (10 a.m. CST). The four-hour showcase will be hosted by SuperCr3w, winners of last year’s surprisingly decent MTV dance competition “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

If you’re too busy making munchies for the NFL playoff games, then you can still check out the films, since MTV will re-air them on January 12, 14 and 15. Visit MTV.com for a complete air schedule.

Directed by Marcy Garriott, Inside the Circle is a fictional drama Hoop Dreams-style documentary that has earned numerous plaudits on the festival circuit. It has won audience awards at the 2007 SXSW Film Festival and other festivals. Meanwhile, Benson Lee’s Planet B-Boy is a more traditional documentary featuring documents the post-millennial breakdance scene, and includes B-boy legends such as Ken Swift and Mr. Freeze.

You can check out trailers for both films after the break. Thanks to Christie Z-Pabon and Tools of War for the information.

Inside the Circle

Planet B-Boy

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4 Responses to “Planet B-Boy” and “Inside the Circle” premiere on MTV

  1. Hi, this is Gail with the Inside the Circle project. Thanks for the post — we’re excited about the film being on MTV. Just wanted to let you know that Inside the Circle is a documentary also, 100% true and real. It was filmed over a three and a half year period, while Omar & Milky went from age 17 to age 21. Everything in the film is in the words & actions of actual b-boys and b-girls living their actual lives. 🙂

  2. plugoneboss says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Gail! I’m making a correction in the post.

  3. MTV just changed the broadcast times! Here is the update:

    Sun Jan 11:

    PLANET B-BOY – 9 am EST (8 am CST)

    INSIDE THE CIRCLE – 11 am EST (10 am CST)
    INSIDE THE CIRCLE – 6 pm EST (5 pm CST)

    Mon Jan 12:

    PLANET B-BOY – 2 am EST (1 am CST)

    Wed Jan 14:

    INSIDE THE CIRCLE – 8 am EST (7 am CST)

  4. ATX BBOY says:

    also the music on this film is GREAT. adrian quesada of brownout/grupo fantasma coordinated it all, and you also hear hydroponic sound system and the MC of the film is bavu blakes. they play “break” by bavu/hydro as the credits roll…

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