Hangar 18 is no more


Yesterday, Brooklyn’s Hangar 18 announced that it is breaking up.

Hangar 18 was formed by rappers Alaska and Windnbreeze and producer paWL.  The trio’s prior association with New York freestyle stalwart Atomz Family made it a perfect fit for Definitive Jux. However, their two albums, 2004’s The Multiplatinum Debut Album and 2007’s Sweep the Leg, hewed closer to party rap, an indie hip hop microtrend (Mac Lethal, Junk Science) that hasn’t really taken off. Artistically, Hangar 18’s best single may have been “Beatslope,” an early single that streamlined and updated Atomz Family’s lyrical machinations.

Here’s the statement that Hangar 18’s Alaska sent out via MySpace:

Hey everyone,

you may or may not know this by now, but hangar 18 is now defunct. we decided a few months back to put a halt to the hangar. We are all on good terms, we all still see each other all the time. It wasnt on bad terms. we just sort of ran out of creative juice and there was nowhere else to go with hangar. sure we could have kept on and made music that was uninspired and that we werent fully into but we felt that it wasnt fair to you guys or to us.

so here is the update. wind and his fiance have started their own business and they are doing very well.

Paul is still directing and writing commercials, spending time with his wife and daughter.

I have started a new group with my boy kojo call Alaska and Kojo are The Crack Epidemic. We have just finished our first ep called Woke Up This Morning and we are working on a full length album.

we have a new myspace page, you can find us at http://www.
myspace. com/alaskaandkojoare i just started making the page so there is only one song up, and a few old pictures. come say hi to us and sign on. i will get some new music up over the next day or two. I will also have some information on new projects and upcoming release info.

Thanks for all the support you guys gave us over the past few years. it was an absolute pleasure to play music for you guys. Hopefully you will enjoy all the new material coming forward.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives,

Alaska and Hangar 18

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