Next on Brainfeeder: Ras G


Ras G, who runs a record label and store in Los Angeles called Poo-Bah Records, will be the next artist to release an album on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint.

Ras G has already dropped two albums, including last fall’s Ghetto Sci-Fi. His new Brotha From Anotha Planet will be issued via Brainfeeder (with help from Alpha Pup) on April 14 April 7. Though it’s a digital release, don’t be surprised if it appears as a limited-edition CD (or even vinyl) in the near future.

What’s next for the label? On the new Brainfeeder website, Flying Lotus wrote, “Lorn’s album is in the mail … Dr. Strangeloop’s EP has been delivered … the FLYamSAM EP is about to be mastered … and SAMIYAM is finally bringing us his soon-to-be-classic LP.”

Here’s the track listing according to Alpha Pup. However, Ras G’s MySpace page gives a slightly different sequence, so I’ll try to reconcile the two lists shortly.

  • 1. “Dishwater”
  • 2. “Earthly Matters”
  • 3. “Penny’s Confession”
  • 4. “Shinelight”
  • 5. “Eunice In White”
  • 6. “Sun Behind The Clouds”
  • 7. “Astrohood”
  • 8. “Nothing But Change”
  • 9. “In Coming”
  • 10. “Come Down (2 Earth)”
  • 11. “Desert Fairy”
  • 12. “Return From The Great Unknown”
  • 13. “Alkebulan”

The video for “Alkebulan”:

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