2Mex & LMNO mark Visionaries’ end


Last night, 2Mex sent out a MySpace message announcing the end of Visionaries. This may not come as a surprise to those who haven’t followed the group in a while (like myself); its last album, We Are The Ones (We Have Been Waiting For), dropped in 2006. Still, it’s unwelcome news.

The full text of 2Mex’s MySpace message is below.

my take on the breaking up of the VISIONARIES CREW.
Body: so i just talked to LMNO and he told me that he was on MIKE nardone show lastnight and that he finally said what needed to be said , that the VISIONARIES at this point are no longer an active group…im glad the truth came out…

i would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL THE FANS THAT HAVE SUPPORTED US SO MUCH SINCE 1997 TIL TODAY!
your loyalty and love have made my life so full of joy that i cant thank you enough..
your love has allowed us to travel all OVER THE WORLD for the past 12 years and see and absorb the beauty that this blessed life has to offer…
for me i must say that the group actually saved my life as the group gave me the love ,confidence,friendship,energy to understand that dispite the negative forces of a sometimes uncaring world ,that its the relashionships and friendships and even the blind love of strangers ,those encounters those embraces that exchange of energy and ideas and kindness are what really make life worth living..weather you came to rock the bells or soldout shows in hollywood or were really there in the trenches at every lil hole in the wall.every lil college show.i thank you…
pap doug kato
and everyone that EVERworked at upabove records
and ever fan and friend that i met around world thank u..
4 great albums, hundreds of songs and shows.and so many wonderful moments…
i thought it was quite ironic that our last show was at an indiginous
hip hop conference with an native dance ceremony before us and a very small crowd of loyal fans there sharing the moment…
im sure the time will come in the future that well play again i hope ,but for for now well continue with our daily creative ways…
i wish things were different i wish we were on our 5th 6th 7th album and we were all as tight as we were ,i would rather us be friends and brothers in the end as we are and will allways be linked to magical moments in los angeles hiphop history..thank u…alex

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  1. SOULone says:

    love the last line they will be remembered in los angeles’s magical hip hop moments

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