People Under the Stairs returns to OM with “Carried Away”

Carried Away

On October 13, People Under the Stairs return with their seventh album, Carried Away. Surprisingly, Thes One and Double K, who celebrated their 10th anniversary as a group last year, have also returned to their first label, San Francisco house/downtempo imprint OM Records. “We are so happy to welcome them back to the family and are so hyped about the new album,” reads a post on the OM Records website.

Here’s a description via the group’s MySpace page:

Now over ten years and seven albums deep, People Under the Stairs have built a genre within hip hop of their own. Upbeat, crazy, balls to the wall and ridiculous “Carried Away” follows in true PUTS tradition. The new album was produced old school style in the same fashion as Rick Rubin (Def Jam Era) or Dust Brothers (Grand Royal, Pauls Boutique). Recorded entirely on reel to reel with tons of rock samples, distorted vocals, lots of cussing, drum machines, delays, yelling, the works. Wrap that all up with nods to A Tribe Called Quest (Double K does one hell of a Phife Dog), Beastie Boys, Beer, and Luther Vandross and you’re guaranteed to get carried away!

Here’s the track listing:

  • 1. “Step Off”
  • 2. “Much Too Much”
  • 3. “Hit The Top”
  • 4. “Listen”
  • 5. “Trippin’ At The Disco”
  • 6. “80 Blocks From Silverlake”
  • 7. “Beer”
  • 8. “Come On, Let’s Get High”
  • 9. “Check The Vibe”
  • 10. “Letter From The Old School”
  • 11. “DQMOT”
  • 12. “Down In LA”
  • 13. “My Boy D”
  • 14. “Teeth”
  • 15. “Creepshow”
  • 16. “Chicken Kebap”
  • 17. “Carried Away”
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