Get ready for more short cuts

Starting today, I’ll post some of my Rhapsody reviews on Plug One. I’m a little wary of doing this because these reviews tend to be more “service-friendly” than my usual work. At best, however, they cut to the chase and give you a sense of what an album’s like, and what to expect if you listen to it. I like the short format, too — only 100 words at most. I can’t imagine how other blogs will write thousands of words on a minor recording, breaking down each track with a description, and regurgitating an artist’s entire life in the process.

Of course, some albums deserve that kind of deep analysis, which is why I’m not posting Rhapsody reviews for major 2010 works like Madlib, B.o.B, et cetera. I plan to write original pieces for those soon (keep your fingers crossed).

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