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Mary Anne Hobbs’ “100 percent positive topspin”

“A term like ‘wonky,’ I mean it’s just hideous, disgusting and it’s really dumbing down what people do as producers,” says Mary Anne Hobbs during a phone interview in late August. Yes, even the queen of bass hates “wonky,” “funky” … Continue reading

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Trailer for Mary Anne Hobbs’ “Wild Angels”

More on Ms. Hobbs forthcoming Wild Angels compilation.  The soundtrack is a megamix of the cuts on the album.

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Mary Anne Hobbs’ “Wild Angels”

UK DJ, radio host and tastemaker Mary Anne Hobbs has a new compilation, Wild Angels, that venerated UK label Planet Mu will release on September 8. And unlike past comps like 2008’s Evangeline, you won’t have to worry about import … Continue reading

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