Mary Anne Hobbs’ “Wild Angels”


UK DJ, radio host and tastemaker Mary Anne Hobbs has a new compilation, Wild Angels, that venerated UK label Planet Mu will release on September 8. And unlike past comps like 2008’s Evangeline, you won’t have to worry about import prices — this will be released in the U.S., too.

Contributors include Mark Pritchard, Hudson Mohawke, Nosaj Thing, Take, Mike Slott, Untold and Mono/Poly. Check after the jump for the complete tracklisting as well as Hobbs’ September tour dates.

In the meantime, here’s a bit from the press release:

This album represents emerging new Transatlantic sounds progressing future-forward from dubstep, hip-hop, soul and electronic centered in Glasgow, Bristol, London and on America’s West Coast. The album displays many tiers of sound, embodying the best from the artists often featured on Mary Anne’s esteemed BBC Radio 1 show.

It features pioneering tracks, such as Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Spotted’ and Rustie’s ‘ZigZag’ which have been highly influential in the evolutionary process, underground dancefloor anthems such as Starkey’s ‘Gutter Music VIP’, devastating cerebral pieces like Mark Pritchard’s ‘?’ and exclusive tracks from next generation artists such as Teebs’ ‘WLTA’ and Gemmy’s ‘Rainbow Road’.

The title ‘Wild Angels’ comes from an expression that Mary Anne used to describe the crucially influential work of the late Alice Coltrane on her BBC Radio 1 ‘West Coast Rocks’ special. She said: “Alice Coltrane plays her harp like a wild angel.” Planet Mu label head Mike Paradinas loved it so much he suggested it as a title.

Here’s the track listing:

  • 1. Mark Pritchard, “?”
  • 2. Hudson Mohawke, “Spotted”
  • 3. Gemmy, “Rainbow Road”
  • 4. Mike Slott, “Knock Knock”
  • 5. Brackles, “LHC”
  • 6. Teebs, “WLTA”
  • 7. Nosaj Thing, “IOIO”
  • 8. Untold, “Discipline”
  • 9. Tranqill, “Payroll (Paul White’s Clean Dub)”
  • 10. Architeq, “Sleeping Bear Lament (Take Remix)”
  • 11. Rustie, “ZigZag”
  • 12. Mono/Poly, “Red And Yellow Toys”
  • 13. Hyetal, “We Should Light A Fire”
  • 14. Starkey, “Gutter Music V.I.P.”
  • 15. Darkstar, “Videotape”
  • 16. Floating Points, “Esthian Three”
  • 17. Sunken Foal, “Of Low Count And Light Pocket”
  • 18. Legion Of Two, “And Now We Wait”

And here are the tour dates:

  • 9/10: Smartbar, Chicago, IL
  • 9/11: 103 Harriet St, San Francisco, CA
  • 9/12: Agenda Lounge, San Jose, CA
  • 9/16: Holocene, Portland, OR
  • 9/18: Love, New York, NY
  • 9/19: Shadow Lounge, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 9/20: Barcelona, Austin, TX
  • 9/23: Low End Theory, Los Angeles, CA
  • 9/25: Cervantes, Denver, CO
  • 9/26: Neumo’s, Seattle, WA

9/18: w/Pinch
9/25: w/Skream
9/26: Decibel Festival

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