Mighty Joseph builds “Empire State”

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When Vast Aire Kramer began a brief U.S. tour last month, I noted how the Harlem giant had recently disappeared from the national radar. I also mentioned that he and Brooklyn MC Karniege had formed a new group, Mighty Joseph, and would release a new album soon.

Well, how soon is now? The duo has finished its debut album, Empire State, and set a release date of February 26. It will be released by Urchin Studios, the upstart label that issued C-Rayz Walz Collectable Classics trilogy this year.

“Shaped over a 3 yeard period, Empire State unravels a unique perspective, documenting not only much personal change between the two emcees but also the changes in the streets of New York City,” reads a press release for the album. “From poverty, to the September 11 attacks, to the abuse of Hip Hop culture in general, Empire State stands strong as a snapshot of the city.”

Guests on Empire State include Murs, Poison Pen, and Vordul Mega, Vast Aire’s old partner from Cannibal Ox. Madlib, J-Zone, the Beatminerz and Karniege lend production.

The track listing for Mighty Joseph’s Empire State is below.

  • 1. “The Uprising”
  • 2. “Beast” (feat. Poison Pen)
  • 3. “Out the Gate” (feat. Genesis)
  • 4. “Kidz (N.Y.C.)”
  • 5. “Blurr”
  • 6. “Anything Can Happen?”
  • 7. “Legend”
  • 8. “Blood Sport” (feat. Vordul Mega)
  • 9. “The Dark Ages” (feat. Murs)
  • 10. “Criminal Tales”
  • 11. “Pandora’s Box” (feat. Double AB, Access Immortal & Swave Sevah)
  • 12. “Night Life”
  • 13. “General Stripes”
  • 14. “Rock-It-Science”


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