Prince Paul orchestrates “Baby Loves Hip-Hop”

Following in the footsteps of Andre 3000, who unleashed the underpromoted Class of 3000 last year, legendary conceptualist Prince Paul has assembled a demented new creation just for the kids: the Dino-5.

The cuddly supergroup — MC T-Rex (Chali 2na), Billy Brontosaurus (Wordsworth), Tracy Triceratops (Ladybug Mecca), TEO Pterodactyl (Scratch), and Prince Paul (DJ Stegosaurus) — have completed Baby Loves Hip-Hop, the latest installment in the Baby Loves Music series. The album drops on April 1. Several guest stars will up its appeal to buppies and rappers’ baby mamas alike, including De La Soul and Ursula Rucker.

“Part book on tape (narrated by Grammy winner poet Ursula Rucker) and part Broadway show (Chris Rock just optioned the story), ‘Baby Loves Hip Hop’ follows five best dino friends on a musical adventure as they teach key life lessons and have fun at the same time,” reads a press release. “The result is a prehistoric musical masterpiece for both kids and their parents!”

Baby Loves Hip-Hop follows last year’s Prince Paul project, Baby Elephant, a funk collaboration with Don Newkirk and P-Funk keyboardist Bernie Worrell. Upcoming releases for Paul include a soundtrack to the Ra the Rugged Man horror movie spoof Bad Biology.

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