DOOM’s “Unexpected Guests”

Unexpected Guests

With the fall season fully underway, misanthropic rapper/producer DOOM is making a surprise contribution to the glut of new product. Set for release on October 27 via Lex Records Gold Dust Media, Unexpected Guests compiles several guest appearances, including his classic “Rock Co.Kane Flow” single with De La Soul, along with what appears to be a few new tracks – at least in regards to an official release.

The artwork above and the track listing below are tentative; both may change before Unexpected Guests is released. I’ll update this post if that happens.

(October 28 update: The track listing and artwork has been changed, and the release date has been moved back to November 10. Also, I made an error on the label; Gold Dust Media is releasing the compilation. You can view the changes here.)

  • 1. De La Soul, “Rock Co.Kane Flow” (feat. DOOM)
  • 2. Jake One, “Get ‘Er Done” (feat. DOOM)
  • 3. Talib Kweli, “Fly That Knot” (feat. DOOM)
  • 4. Dilla, Ghost & DOOM, “Sniper Elite”
  • 5. Jake One, “Trap Door” (feat. DOOM)
  • 6. John Robinson, “Sorcerers” (feat. DOOM & Invizible Handz)
  • 7. Vast Aire, “Da Superfriendz”
  • 8. Count Bass D, “Quite Buttery” (feat. DOOM)
  • 9. DOOM, “?” (feat. Kurious)
  • 10. DOOM, “All Outta Ale”
  • 11. Masta Killa, “E.N.Y. House”
  • 12. DOOM, “Bells Of Doom”
  • 13. DOOM, “My Favorite Ladies”
  • 14. Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck & GZA, “Street Corners (Remix)”
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