The numbers are in…

I don’t usually post about analytics numbers, and I don’t plan to make a habit of it, either. But the results for this month tie in with my ongoing ramble about content changes.

Plug One’s page views are at their lowest in nearly two years. The last time I had numbers this bad was when I moved the site from the Joomla CMS, where I historically pulled bad numbers, to the WordPress system.(That’s no knock on Joomla — it was just too bulky and complex for a technology-deficient writer like myself. WordPress is much easier to manage.)  The plunge in traffic is directly related to the fact that I stopped posting Google-baiting content like concert listings and press releases on new albums.

So what does the future hold? As you’ve noticed, it includes plenty of analysis and reviews, with the occasional interview or feature thrown in. I’ve relied a bit on making content out of re-purposed pieces created for other outlets, and that will probably continue as I adapt to the rigors of a traditional blog.

Although Plug One is now about me and what I think, similar to any number of journalist blogs you’ll find around the web, my mission remains the same: offer interesting and unorthodox views about hip-hop culture. I may get less readers without the corny “news” gimmicks, but at least I can sleep easy at night.

And yes, my backpacker friends, I still support independent music.

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