Anticon figurehead Sole returns

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Bad boy icon Tim “Sole” Holland has kept a low profile over the past few years. He lived in Spain, issued an album in 2005 (Live from Rome), and nurtured his Anticon emblem from a pioneer for underground hip-hop into an outpost for indie-pop mordancy.

He’s back in the States, living in Flagstaff, Ariz., collaborating with Skyrider and preparing to issue a new album. First, though, comes a instrumental joint under his pseudonym, Mansbestfriend. On May 29 he’ll issue Poly.sci.187, which translates to Political Science 187: “Political Science: This Shit’ll Kill You.”

A press release from Anticon describes it as “filled with such sonic explorations. The album is an accomplished work that testifies not only to the fine art of experimentation, but to the aural abilities of Tim Holland, instrumentalist?may he be loud even in silence.”

And what about the album project with Skyrider? “This album is going to be far less sample based than my other music,” he writes on his new website. “It’s a mature, raw sound, i feel like i’ve finally hit the nail on the head. I can’t remember being this excited about a sole project, so far we have completed 10 songs, and i expect the project to be completed in a month or so, but we’re not rushing this, we want it to be a classic.”

While you wait for that one to hit the streets, check out Poly.sci.187. Here’s the track listing.

  • 1. “Dedemma Speaks”
  • 2. “The Teachings of Leviticus”
  • 3. “Wilting Onward”
  • 4. “High Noon and Sobered”
  • 5. “Allieverwanted”
  • 6. “Stuck In My Head Since I Was 12”
  • 7. “Giant Man Eating Bird”
  • 8. “Bosnian Jazz”
  • 9. “Spin The Humans”
  • 10. “50 at 30”
  • 11. “Firefish”
  • 12. “Father Vs. Courage”
  • 13. “Party Till We Drop”
  • 14. “Missile Defense”
  • 15. “How Big Is Space”
  • 16. “6million Wayz 2live”

Also, here’s a short documentary on Sole that aired on Current TV last month. It’s directed by Chris Row.


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