Blu and Mainframe form “Johnson&Jonson”

Blu may be one of the hottest MCs in indie hip-hop. The Los Angeles rapper’s debut with DJ Exile, Below the Clouds, was one of the best albums of 2007. Another project with Ta’Raach, C.R.A.C.’s The Piece Talks, generated serious buzz upon its release in April. And now dude is set to release a new project with producer Mainframe called Johnson&Jonson.

Much like The Piece Talks, Johnson&Jonson’s self-titled effort, set for release September 23 on Tres Records, finds Blu at his shit-talking best. The album initially leaked last year under the title Powders and Oils. “Blu recorded all three projects (Below the Heavens, C.R.A.C. and Johnson&Jonson), during a similar time period,” reads a press release for the album. “Intended as a mixtape for Below the Heavens, Johnson&Jonson is a project filled with fun, wit, and experience told by an emerging hip hop star, while living and recording the project in Long Beach, CA.”

  • 1. “Finally”
  • 2. “Up All Night”
  • 3. “Half A Knot”
  • 4. “Mama Always Told Me”
  • 5. “Go For The Gusto Room” (feat. Bo Bo Lamb)
  • 6. “Wow”
  • 7. “The Only Way”
  • 8. “In The Building” (feat. Miguel Jontel)
  • 9. “Bout It Bout It”
  • 10. “Get The Name Straight”
  • 11. “Long Time Gone”
  • 12. “Still Up All Night” (feat. Co$$ Dollars)
  • 13. “Perfect Picture”
  • 14. “Anything Is Possible” (feat. Gonja Sufi)
  • 15. “The Oath”

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