A flood of reviews from 2010

This weekend, I’ll post the rest of my Rhapsody reviews from 2010. Why did I wait until the end? I originally planned to write new reviews for these albums but, unfortunately, I’ve run out of time.

Last April, I announced that I would re-publish my Rhapsody reviews that fit within the Plug One format. I have long wanted to build a database of my thoughts on current hip-hop, but figured that I didn’t have enough time to review every album twice (and occasionally for a third freelance outlet, too). I hoped to solve that problem by using re-posts for minor works, and then write original reviews for the more important albums.

Unfortunately, re-posts took over the site. I haven’t published an original piece on Plug One since my TOKiMONSTA interview in August.

It has been too convenient for me to just re-post a review instead of writing a new Plug One version. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with that — after all, I wrote them! But the Rhapsody reviews are very short and, in many cases, don’t convey all of my thoughts. In some cases, they don’t even reflect my actual opinion. After all, as I wrote when I made the announcement, “these reviews tend to be more ‘service-friendly’ than my usual work.”

At this point, it’s unlikely I’ll go back and re-cover this year’s albums. Hence the flood. My current focus is on year-end material, which you’ll (hopefully!) see here in two weeks.

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