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Common Market paves “Tobacco Road”

On September 9, Common Market will issue its second album Tobacco Road via a joint venture between Massline Media and Hyena Records. As the latest project from rising Seattle collective Massline, Tobacco Road marks a number of subtle but noticeable … Continue reading

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Blue Scholars issue digital EP, tour

joe metro.jpg

Despite issuing a widely acclaimed album, Bayani, Seattle duo Blue Scholars still haven’t mounted a proper tour. Slowly but surely, however, they’ve been making their way across the country, knocking off a few dates at a time.

They’ll cover several more cities during the next two weeks. Some of the artists they’ll perform with include Canadian crew Swollen Members and LA vet Evidence; Minneapolis upstart Psalm One; and backpack thugs La Coka Nostra. Blue Scholars’ year ends with a special event: a weeklong hip-hop showcase at Neumo’s in Seattle.

For those that can’t make the trip or, worse, don’t live in a city on the group’s itinerary, there’s the Joe Metro EP. Scheduled to drop on November 6 via Massline/Rawkus, the digital package features a remix of two cuts from Bayani (including a Jake One remix of "North by Northwest") and two new tracks.

The track listing for Joe Metro EP and Blue Scholars’ tour itinerary is listed below.

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Massline spreads through the West

massline crew_myspace.jpg

Massline Media may be the most surprising indie label to emerge this year. With little more than persistence and quality music from its founders — Gabriel Teodros, RA Scion, Geologic and Sabzi — the Seattle crew has netted positive reviews in major publications such as Rolling Stone and fomented support from the world’s true school believers. Call it the little label that could.

"MassLine’s philosophy rejects the notion of art for arts sake, acknowledging that cultural arts is a hammer with which communities can reshape society," reads the bio on Massline Media’s MySpace page. "Through the medium of Hiphop music, combined with grassroots community organizing and a DIY ethic, we use music not simply to entertain, but to educate and empower."

Massline currently enjoys a distribution deal with Rawkus. Its next release will be Blue Scholars’ second album, Bayani. Before it drops on June 12, however, the Massline crew will embark on an extensive tour, completing several concerts throughout the western United States. Featured on the bill are Teodros, who released his critically acclaimed Lovework in February; Common Market, which dropped its self-titled debut last year; and Blue Scholars. Tour dates, as well as the track listing for Bayani, are below.

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