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Wu-Tang Clan form “8 Diagrams”

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For the past several months, bloggers have twittered and gossipped about the mighty Wu-Tang Clan. When Raekwon and Ghostface Killah called out the RZA and said 8 Diagrams is garbage, the Internet went nuts. And when the track listing for 8 Diagrams mysteriously appeared on some foreign retail sites, everyone jumped in and posted the list as if it were the official U.S. version.

It’s become a common occurence: the Internet creates its own reality, and then tries to pass it off as fact. I’m not going to name any names, but it’s the same dudes who posted the wrong track listing for Kanye West’s Graduation before that album came out. But hey, it’s all promotion and marketing when it comes to music, right? All of the buzz, real and fake, only ensures that the mighty Wu will land a top 10 debut when 8 Diagrams hits stores via SRC/Universal on December 11.

Below you’ll find the real track listing for 8 Diagrams that was taken from both Universal Music’s official media site and Amazon.com. You’ll also find an itinerary for the Wu’s upcoming tour, which begins December 15. Be warned, though: Ghostface told Billboard.com that all the members may not appear at every show. You’ve gotta love the drama.

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Wu-Tang Clan reunites for “8 Diagrams”


On December 22, Street Records Corporation CEO and rap industry legend Steve Rifkind cooly announced that he signed Wu-Tang Clan to a one-album deal. "I just got off the phone from Divine and RZA from Wu-Tang. We are joining forces for one more album," he said in a memorable YouTube video. "Wu-Tang and Steve Rifkind are back in business together."

A month later, plans are solidifying for the fabled Clan’s fifth album, 8 Diagrams. “People want something that gives them an adrenaline rush,” said RZA in a press release. “We’re here to supply that fix. How could hip-hop be dead if Wu-Tang is forever? We’re here to revive the spirit and the economics and bring in a wave of energy that has lately dissipated.”

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