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Review: Percee P, “Perseverance: The Remix”

With Perseverance: The Remix, producer Madlib offers a fresh perspective on Perseverance, BX rapper Percee P’s long-awaited 2007 debut. Continue reading

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Percee P commissions remixes, tours with Slick Rick

perseverance the remix.jpg

Bronx rhyme inspector Percee P may have only released one official album in over 15 years, this year’s Perseverance. But he’s making up for lost time.

Earlier this fall, Percee P joined the 2K Sports Bounce tour headlined by kufi expert Common. And this month, he jumped on the Stones Throw "Holiday edition" of the 2K Sports Bounce tour, too. Now, he’s jumping on the December edition of Scion’s Live Metro tour. It’s just a brief excursion that only encompasses four cities: Houston, Austin, Atlanta and Carrboro. But lucky attendees will get to see Percee with the mighty Slick Rick, both backed by the funky soul of Connie Price & the Keystones.

Meanwhile, kids who have been raiding the Stones Throw merch table have noticed one exclusive, a disc of Perseverance remixes by Madlib, that currently isn’t available anywhere else. The CD, however, will go on sale at retail outlets on January 29. The highlight is an original track, "Real Talk."

The track listing for Perseverance: The Madlib Remix and the Live Metro itinerary is below.

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Live Review: “2K Sports Bounce Tour,” 11/30 at Abbey Pub

The 2K Sports Bounce Tour, a rare showcase of Stones Throw’s finest led by figurehead Peanut Butter Wolf, makes a pit stop in Chicago. Max Herman takes notes. Continue reading

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Stones Throw undertakes 2K8 Sports Bounce tour

peanut butter wolf_myspace.jpg

Unlike many of their indie brethren, the Stones Throw crew isn’t known for doing shows. They’re mostly content to lamp in the studio and maybe rock a DJ date in L.A., New York, London or some other major international city. Sitting in a hot-ass van and plowing through 50+ cities? That shit is for the birds.

So consider yourself lucky if they come to your town on the upcoming 2K8 Sports Bounce Tour "Holiday Edition" (also known as the B-Ball Zombie War tour). Just like last year’s Chrome Children package tour, it won’t be very comprehensive, and only encompass a baker’s dozen of shows. Featured artists will be the mighty Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib’s Supreme Team partner Karriem Riggins, onetime Beat Junkie J. Rocc, and rhyme inspector Percee P.

How rare is this tour? It’s so rare that the lineup for some recently added shows (ATL and Baltimore) hasn’t even been confirmed yet. Check out the itinerary below; as usual, I’ll update as more details become available.

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Percee P debuts with “Perseverance”


On September 18, Bronx MC Percee P will finally release his debut album, Perseverance. Amazingly, it’s the first full-length of his career after nearly twenty years of obscure 12-inches, scene-stealing cameos and obscure CD-Rs. The album itself arrives after nearly two years in delays and promises from his label, Stones Throw Records.

Perseverance is completely produced by Madlib. Not counting the Talib Kweli EP Liberation, it is Madlib’s first full collaboration since the Madvillain classic of three years ago. Other guests include Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks, Guilty Simpson, Diamond D, former Jurassic 5 rapper Chali 2na, Prince Po and Aesop Rock.

For much of the last several years, bloggers, crate-diggers and rap experts have celebrated Percee P’s legendary "fast rap" style, essentially calling the greatest MC no one had ever heard of. With Perseverance, everyday Stones Throw geeks will finally get to decide if he lives up to the hype.

The track listing is below.

August 9 update: I was wrong about Perseverance being Madlib’s first full collabo since Madvillain. How could I forget about Dudley Perkins’ Expressions (2012 a.u.) from last year? Sorry, Dudley.

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Stones Throw summer: Madlib, Percee P, Tortoise

stones throw_myspace.jpg

Following a relatively quiet spring, Stones Throw Records has announced an ambitious slate of summer releases.

First up is the re-release of Jaylib’s Champion Sound. Originally released in the fall of 2003, Madlib and the late James "Jay Dee/J Dilla" Yancey’s highly anticipated collaboration drew disappointing reviews and record sales. "Few knew who or what ‘Jaylib’ was, and many of those who did felt that Champion Sound wasn’t given the attention is deserved when it was originally released," notes the label in a press release. Much as it did with J Dilla’s Ruff Draft reissue, Stones Throw has turned the album into a two-CD set with remixes and instrumentals. With luck, its reputation will improve in light of hip-hop fans’ ongoing reassessment of J Dilla’s career. The new Champion Sound drops May 8.

For those interested in Madlib’s Invazions, the enigmatic producer is reviving his Yesterdays New Quintet pseudonym for Yesterdays Universe: Prepare for a New Yesterday, Vol. 1. The story goes that the fictional "band" (Ahmad Miller, Monk Hughes, Malik Flavors, Joe McDuphrey and Otis Jackson, Jr.) has broken up, and this is their final album. It drops July 3.

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